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Victron Smart Battery Charger 12/30

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I use this charger most days. It has never let me down and i use it in a commercial role. The Bluetooth monitoring is a great way to instantly see how many amps is being thrown into a battery, The history look up is amazing to see how the battery took the charge & If its completed it charge cycles. I’ve drop it, left it in my van for weeks & used it to prop up something. I’ve charge 3 batteries at once off it. I love my victron charger so much that i wouldn’t fit anything else in a customers RV.

These chargers at available in 1 or 2 outlets and in water-resist model is one for sale has an IP rating of 22 so not water resist

Please allow 2 days for packaging & handling.


Victron Blue Smart Battery Charger (12V/30a) with 3 outlets

  • Bluetooth connect allows for monitoring of Voltage, Current and Update charger when new technology comes along
  • High efficiency with 93% and generates 4 times less heat when compared to industry standards
  • Adapted 6 Stage algorithms test-bulb-absorption-recondition-float-storage
  • Charges lead acid & Li-ion phosphate Batteries
  • Will initiate charge to recharge a battery even at 0 volts & reconnect to a fully discharges li-ion battery even with internal disconnect function
  • 5 year warranty.

So many more feature, These chargers are arguably the best on the market at a very reasonable price. I personally use one of these chargers and can’t speak high enough of it.

Message me when purchasing and i can make charge leads to suit your application eg: cable length and terminal size.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 26 × 15 × 7 cm


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